Engaging with the groundswell causes an organization to go through a complete mental shift.  It transforms the company from being profit-oriented, for example, to customer-oriented.  You may think that every business is customer-oriented, but taking a deep look at departmental priorities, marketing, and customer service policies show that they may be more geared towards profits.  My past experiences have shown me that product maintenance policies are only in effect until the product may show signs of deteriorating.  I bought a laptop in highschool, and the live service package from the company’s website was only in effect for a year after my purchase.  The warranty lasted just as long.  I’ve also gone through plenty of cellphones, which have broken shortly after the warranty has ended.  A customer-oriented approach would see these services extended to when there is a higher potential for the product to need repair.

It’s not easy to transition to being customer oriented.  It’s important to take it step by step, and be patient.  The stepping-stones established at the beginning of the transition should lead into a natural progression into the next step.  Having managers who can plan effectively, and can also have a good understanding of where the company should be headed is vital.  They also need to be fully bought-in to the transition, to ensure that the ideas will catch on (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 217).

The following five steps ensure your company will have the best chance of succeeding with the transition, and the previous process that I explained must be used as a foundation to these steps: 1. Start small 2. Educate your executives 3. Get the right people to run your strategy 4. Get your agency and tech partners in sync 5. Plan for the next step and for the long term (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 230).

This video is the culmination of a cultural change in Dove.  Dove “[embraced] the power of the groundswell and [energized] consumers to make their own contributions” (Li & Bernoff, 2011).  Dove embraced Youtube as a low-cost marketing platform because they embraced the groundswell.

Another company that has embraced the groundswell in this way is Franklin Templeton.  I talked about them in one of my previous blogs, I liked how they utilize Youtube to empower people with financial knowledge, when they could be using that platform to promote their services.


Li, C., & Bernoff, J. (2011). groundswell. Boston: Harvard Business Review.



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